Building & Developing the Future Talent of the Cruise Line Industry worldwide! We take our crew and we develop them for their next onboard cruise adventure!

A team of innovative professionals ranging from 15 to 40 years of experience in the hotel & cruise shipping Industry, have formed a unique concept involving Cruise Ship Operations Management and Cruise Hospitality Training. Book a cruise course today and see if you have really what it takes to start a career onboard a luxury cruise ship!

Cruise Hospitality Center (CHC) is the only online and traveling training center dedicated exclusively to hospitality onboard cruise ships on an international level.

The CHC’s mission is to be the leader in advancing excellence in the overall cruise experience for guests satisfaction and the equal career builder for cruise line staff.

CHC strives to build networks among cruise lines, institutions and individuals, setting standards for cruise excellence for maximum guest satisfaction in the service and equal career opportunities for the cruise line staff as a prerequisite for professional career development.

This is achieved through CHC’s educational policy which is not engaged primarily in the production or marketing of educational courses or products, but it promotes dialogue, networking and the exchange of ideas & equally greater educational opportunities for all in the name of personal and International evolution, supporting the development of new methodologies, and use of new technologies.

 – CHC – is here to make sure that all the candidates are exceptionally trained ready to face all the challenges of the ‘at sea world’ and assists candidates to find a job onboard a luxury cruise ship.

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 – CHC – Partners.

We work closely with international known placement agencies and ensure that all our students are exceptionally trained in order to apply to work onboard a luxury cruise ship and have the best chances to get a job onboard.

Our goal is to share with the candidates all the secrets, tips & tricks of the business and guide them to the right direction according to their qualifications.

Our 40 year experience in the cruise and hotel business has given us the ability to ‘connect’ with the most established businesses worldwide and creating long lasting partnerships.

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The Cruise Hospitality Center cruises onboard luxury cruise ships and conducts courses at sea in the field of cruise hospitality. Get to meet with the Hotel Director, the F&B Director, the Maitr’ D, the Executive Chef, the pursers, the Entertainment director, have a tour at the cook galleys, see how is life onboard and really see if you have what it takes to work onboard a cruise ship. 

With our course onboard our Cruise Ship, we bring you closer to your future working environment. We go through all the positions onboard and we bring you in direct communication with Officers & Crew. You will get to travel and visit different ports of call and at the same time get high quality Cruise Hospitality education. At the completion of the course you will be able to understand the Cruise Line Industry and be able to apply for a Job on a Cruise Ship.

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At the same time and in order to save costs and difficulties concerning travel documents such as visas etc for the students, CHC gives the ability to the candidates to study all the courses ONLINE through our Online Campus and our LIVE classrooms! Through our online campus you get to participate to LIVE classrooms with maximum number of 10 students per classroom and learn from the best of the cruise industry. A great learning experience so that you get certified from distance, anytime, anywhere.

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Certification & Accreditation

Cruise Hospitality Center with partnerships of hospitality schools in Switzerland, offers certifications for the majority of the courses!

We are very proud to be able to certify our Students through our accreditation body of Cruise Hospitality based in the United Kingdom and also collaborate with SHML Swiss hospitality management school offering further studies in Switzerland that lead to certification. Please refer to for more info.

With CHC – your get an in depth knowledge of the hospitality business on cruise ships and you get to be certified by recognized British and Swiss institutions, the Experts in the hospitality business worldwide.

In order to become certified by CHC, you must meet the criteria and experience requirements and successfully complete CHC certification examination. Certification examinations are available through CHC’s year-round using computerized adaptive testing or traditional print testing.

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Senior Professors

Cruise Hospitality Center’s professors are executive officers from luxury cruise ships and have been the pioneers of the Cruise Hospitality Diploma.

CHC professors are executive officers from luxury cruise ships and have been the pioneers of the Cruise Hospitality Diploma. Their expertise in invaluable and provide with in depth training about the cruise industry within.

Hospitality Secrets

Be always positive on all situations.

By being positive you overcome all the difficulties and show to your managers that you are willing to deal with any kind of challenging situations with a smile and positive attitude.

This has as a result to be the first in line for promotion comparing with the other employees that the only thing they know is complaint and share their frustration with the rest of the employees.

Be Unique!

Why Choose Us

  • More than 10 courses to choose from
  • Live Class lessons on Online Courses
  • Very affordable prices
  • Certification after completion
  • Job placement assessment