Welcome onboard!

CHSO – has all the necessary connections with the Cruise Business!

Some names of the cruise lines that we will send your resume after completion of the training are: Uniworld 5 star Cruise Line, Ponant Cruise line, Steiner, Riseday, Sea Chefs, Casinos at sea, Viking Recruitment, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Oceania Cruises & Norwegian cruise line (NCL).

Our 20 year experience in the cruise business has given us the ability to ‘connect’ with the most established businesses worldwide and creating long lasting partnerships.

As soon as you get certified we will give you exclusive access to our Cruise job board VIP section where you can directly communicate with Cruise Line human resources executives! Click here to enroll for your cruise training now

No matter if you have a Hotel Management Education/Diploma. No matter if you have worked in 5 star hotels, working onboard a Cruise Ship is a completely different world!

With our training center, we make sure our students get the most accurate and most comprehensive education before working onboard a Cruise Ship.

We take our students from the class to their future working environment. We are not based only in theory like some other courses, but we actually share the onboard experience with our students and get them to know for real how is to live and work onboard a cruise ship.

With the advantage of working with the biggest recruitment agencies and companies for the cruise and hotel industry, we make sure that we introduce our motivated Cruise Hospitality students to the biggest and most successful Cruise Lines.

The Cruise industry is very demanding but at the same time very rewarding. Free accommodation and much higher salaries than the land based jobs are 2 of the biggest advantages on working onboard a cruise ship.

If you are dreaming a future of traveling the world and at the same time having a successful career, join us and expand your career’s horizons!

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