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Weak up at a different country every day, from Barcelona in Spain to Ketchikan in Alaska, what a better way to celebrate your graduation on a luxury cruise ship


At Sea

 7 day cruise journeys for hospitality students around the world which lead to certification from Cruise Hospitality Centre in London, UK

Journeys to Excellence

in the Mediterranean

Cruise Hospitality works closely with the finest luxury cruise lines in the world and takes you to a journey to excellence!



A multi-country study onboard experience academically partnered with hospitality management colleges around the world building the future leaders of excellence in hospitality.

Introducing the Cruise World

To All Maritime & Hospitality Talent

Revolutionize hospitality education & maritime practices, build and develop the future luxury hospitality professionals for land&sea. ´Everyone has experienced from here and there a hotel stay, a restaurant dinner, an experience at a bar with friends, a student party event, or even the hospitality onboard a plane. But not everyone has experienced the effect of hospitality on a cruise…´

Certified Cruise Hospitality Manager (CCHM)

1 week in College campus followed by 1 week onboard A Mega Cruise Ship - Departing from: Barcelona, Spain- Ports of Call: Palma De Mallorca, Balearic Islands • Marseille (Provence), France • La Spezia (Florence & Pisa), Italy • Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy • Naples, Italy

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Cruise Hospitality



Journeys to Excellence

This August we have celebrated the completion our 10th 7 day cruise hospitality journey to excellence.


Cruise Hospitality Students

We are proud to continue innovating hospitality education, train and build the future professionals for the hotel and the luxury cruise line industry.



Every year we take our hospitality students to different destinations around the world and have fun while at the same time visit a different country every day!

Education Innovation

Luxury Hospitality Onboard

Our Cruise Hospitality Journeys take you to a journey to professional excellence while at the same time open your mind and horizons changing your perception about the world and the different cultures and destinations…



Our Journeys to Excellence will get you to discover the best of your inner self, smell the air of independence and freedom & lead you to your ultimate goal of success in life…


For Students

  • Networking
    During your cruise you will connect with hospitality industry executives
  • A different destination every day
    Visit a different port every day, get off the ship at your leisure, maybe take a tour to the colosseum of Rome or maybe go to the beach in Mallorca...
  • Complete stress relief
    Breathing the fresh air from the ocean, weak up with an amazing sunrise and maybe hit the gym for some energy boost and get your day to a great start!
  • Internet Wifi at sea
    Stay connected with friends and family and post all your amazing photos from your trip and the different destinations but also from your welcome onboard party with all your fellow students.
  • All day food & beverage
    From the buffet to the restaurant, the pizzeria, or the steak house, the dinning choices are endless onboard. And why not having a cocktail at the pool with your friends while watching the ship sail away from Barcelona!
  • UK Certification
    An educational fun cruise journey learning all the insides of the cruise industry and getting certified as a Cruise Hospitality Manager from Cruise Hospitality Centre in London UK.
  • Free Cruise
    A free cruise ruffle to take place at the end of your journey where 2 lucky students will win a free cruise for the next summer for them only to enjoy and create memories of a lifetime!

Cruise Hospitality

The dreamers...

Here at the Team of Cruise Hospitality Journeys to Excellence we are all dreamers but we are also strong believers that with the rapid growth of the cruise industry sector, a cruise hospitality education program holds a rightful place inside the hospitality management degree programs offered by the hospitality colleges around the world. Hence the creation of our innovative Journeys to Excellence programs that come to fill in the gap and fully support the path for sustainability in the cruise industry sector and give a breath of fresh air to the current hospitality management educational model around the globe!


What our cruise students say

An experience of a lifetime. I could not imagine that I would be so excited since I step my foot onboard the cruise, I became a passionate cruiser and loved the way the class took place and had fun will all the other students.

Patrick Stone

Started my journey in the college campus in Lenk in Switzerland. After the first week we then flied to Barcelona to join the ship for a cruise to remember forever. I got to visit Spain, Italy and France and in one week  I gained valuable experience about hospitality at sea and I also got certified as a Cruise Hospitality Manager. I am now happily working onboard as an Events manager and could not have chosen a better career to follow.

Hugo James

What a cool concept! I could not have asked for a better education journey for my hospitality career. I studied onboard, traveled to different countries, had fun at the cruise ship pool with my friends from the college and I got to experience in first hand the hospitality of the crew onboard. Now I am aiming for a career as a purser onboard a luxury cruise line and I can't wait to embark in a new journey at sea!

Stefanie Rashford

Our Cruise Hospitality Supporters